The Hendren Family

The Families Day’s (7/5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21/13)

WOW! Yea we know we have not been keeping up with this thing at all. We are truly sorry. A lot has been going on since we have last updated everyone. So we are going to try and catch everyone up. So to get this started. Well Tasha, and Jason are in college still and doing very well in it. Brandi is being herself and being a kid. The family ended up getting sick but some are better. Jason has been having a lot of health issues and has been in and out of the hospital. Tasha no longer works at her other part time job. Due to she needing to be home with the family and she also having health issues. Tasha has been dealing with 401K and that is not going to well. She has been getting go a rounds after go a rounds and nothing but lies. So she had to call the Government to step in and take over. We are waiting for the Government to get back to us to let us know what is going on. There has been a lot of stress going on due to the fact bills are not being paid due to no money coming in and us waiting on 401K. We can just pray that everything will be ok and we don’t get the lights shut off, or kicked out of our place. Well Jason sister is about to get married to Jason best friend and we are so happy. But the day needs to come faster instead of slower. Jason will be going into surgery to fix his hearing because he is not hearing so well. We are so excited we get to go to a family reunion today and we can’t wait to see everyone. The family has been having friends, and family come visit which is good. Jason is not out of the woods with the wreck he had back in the day we are still dealing with that. He got his license back but they said he could lose them again if he don’t win his case. But he is able to get them back once he fixes this messes. So our goals and dreams are on hold tell everything is fixed. He has been looking for a job. Tasha goes back to work next month, along with Brandi going back to school. Jason got his mirror fixed that feel off his car. He is so happy to have his car back. Brandi, and Tasha ended up getting two kittens and they are just loving them.  But that’s what’s been going on. But for today the 21st like we said we will be going to a family reunion and we can’t wait. But before we go there Jason is going to clean his car windows and his car out. And after the reunion we will come home and enjoy the night. Other than that we hope everyone is being safe, and we hope everyone is loving life as they should. And we “Thank” everyone for the love and support they are giving us. We couldn’t do this without you. Well everyone have a good day, and a safe one. Thanks- The Hendren Family

The Families Day’s (6/26, 27, 28, 29, 30/13) & (7/1, 2, 3, 4/13)

Well again The Hendren Family are so sorry they have not been keeping up. They have been so busy that they lost track. So instead of going through each day they will just sum everything up and get everyone caught up. Jason, Tasha, and Brandi are doing well. Tasha, and Jason have started College and well Brandi is just being Brandi Lol. They have had their bad days & good days. Other than that Tasha started another Job. Don’t know if she is going to keep it since school is keeping Jason, and Tasha busy. Plus it is summer time so that means family time, and fun time. Jason had a booboo with his car he was trying to put air in his car threw the tire area and the jack gave out on him. And he about cried. And well Tasha took his car one day and the mirror feel off. So he was pretty bummed about all that. Brandi has been driving Jason, and Tasha crazy just by being a kid lol. Jason has started E-Baying again so he is doing well with that. Well guys we can’t remember everything that has happened with all the day’s we have missed and we are sorry. But we can say it has been busy. Well we hope everyone is doing well. Take care for now. Thanks- The Hendren Family

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The Families Day (6/25/13)

Well Today Tasha went to her first job. I’m guessing she had a good day. Tasha then went to her second job that she started today and she will be there tell 9 tonight. Then she will come home and go to bed. Jason & Brandi woke up this morning cleaned house. And then Brandi played and took a nap why Jason did school work and other things. Jason will do more school work tonight and then have a dinner date with Brandi. After that they will watch some TV and then get ready for bed. Other than that it has been a pretty good day for everyone. We hope everyone else had a good day and we hope everyone has a good night.

Thanks- The Hendren Family

The Families Day (6/24/13)

Well Tasha went to work, and Jason & Brandi stayed home all day. Well Brandi decided to get on her dad’s nerves all day yesterday, and play. Well Jason he got really bored so he decide to mess with some straight friends of his and so he sent them pic’s of she/males. Witch all his friends thought it was women. So Jason had fun at that. Well Tasha came home from work and well Jason’s mother came over to drop things off and get kisses and hugs from her granddaughter. Well Tasha cooked dinner and then we watched a movie about Jodi the girl who killed her Boyfriend. Other than that Tasha & Jason are fighting with their daughter and trying to get their daughter to sleep in her own room. So it was a long night for them. Well we hope everyone had a good day, and a good night.

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Thanks- The Hendren Family

The Families Day (6/23/13)

Well we didn’t do much. We stayed home and relaxed and watched TV. Wow! Jason got to watch the man who walked across the wire. Tasha, and Brandi they watched what they wanted. Then Tasha ran to the store to get super and then came back and fed the family. Other than that nothing really happened yesterday. The family would like to give their respects to the family, and friends of the victim that was shot last night. Crime is getting really bad in this town and the police force is slacking really bad. Well we hope everyone had a wonderful day & night. May God be with the family, and friends of the victim.

Thanks- The Hendren Family